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I was not living before the 9th of April and now I am, so let me speak!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I wish it goes on and on.

As horrible as it may seem I do wish the war between Israel and Hezbollah goes on and on, that it spreads to involve Iran and Syria. I feel terrible for the losses among the innocents, Lebanese and Israeli, but I think that this is the only way for them, and us to finally have some peace.The “anti-war” in the west cannot see any good coming out of war, and how can they when some of them probably haven’t heard a gun shot probably in 10 years if not more! It seems to me that although most of them are intelligent and honest people, they still don’t understand the way we live, here in Iraq, there in Lebanon or Syria. They can’t understand that peace for us, the one we used to live in and the one the Lebanese used to live in, the Syrians and Iranians is not even close to what it is to them and therefore war for us is not even close to what it is for them.Death is not the worst outcome to us and I’m sure they can understand if they want to but they still can’t imagine it. I only cared that much about life when I was given a chance to live a decent life. Now that this chance is slipping count me on the cheerleaders for death; death of dictators, their killing machine and the terrorists, and if it means our death too then so be it. Some of us (those who are not free yet) will live that life you (anti war people) are so protective of and will value it *just* like you do.It’s a difficult equation, to value life and then to be prepared to die to protect it for others but also us if we survive. It’s still rather alien to most of us since we were always told that nothing worth dying for except a better life after death. This needs to change.Anyway, Lebanon needs this war to become a true free and democratic country. Israel needs this war to get its peace. Syrians and Iranians need this war to get their freedom (hopefully). We, Iraqis need this war to get rid of the war profiteers, not the ones making money but the ones getting more and more powerful out of it.Call me what you want but I say let it rage and rage until it burns all dictators and terrorists in the region. Just like I wished for war in my country I wish it for the Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians. God be with them and get the good souls out of it safe. This war is just another battle in the war on terror and we won't see peace in Iraq, we won't see democracy anywhere in the ME until this war is fought the right way, with full determination. With each battle fought it'll get easier and easier to win this war even if each battle looked like it's very hard to win on its own. There are not so many left of them who are willing to go that far, to open war. Syria and Iran are the toughest and so far others are fighting on their behalf but they have only so much resources and so much space.These terrorists and their masters, the Ba\athists and the Mullahs live and feed on the fear they spread among their citizens and on making the rest of the world believe that they’re willing to go all the way. Wasn’t that what Saddam said? In the end his way ended in a small hole, alone with no guards, no missiles and no WMDs. Let them taste that fear and let’s see their truth.I preached for this more than a year ago and I’m actually relieved that finally it seems it’s happening. It’s still premature to assume it’s going to go all the way but so far the signs are encouraging. I listened to the Israeli PM speech and I’m glad he seems so determinant, and I’m glad Hasan Nasr Allah is being the moron he is. He’s not going to get any good advice from his Ba’athist masters. It’s the Mullahs who may be the smartest among these criminals. I believe they were the ones who advised Syria to stop the bombings in Beirut that took place soon after the Syrian withdrawal. This still need to be handled carefully, as it’s still not visible how the Syrians or the Iranians can be dragged into it and it’s also still very dangerous in case they did.The Israelis are doing well by not invading Lebanon and the siege and attacks to the infra structure may well turn the vast majority of Lebanese against Hizbullah in an active way. It worked on Iraqis but it shouldn’t take as long with Lebanese since Israel seems to have a lot of support inside and out and it’s more than justified in its demands.I’m keeping my fingers crossed for version of peace.